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REVA electric car: THE ideal vehicle for the city!

  REVA, the ElectriCity Car

  REVA, the ElectriCity Car

REVA electric cars
People behind
  - Arnaud de Viron
- Jacques de Selliers
- Joeri de Ridder

GREEN MOBIL imported and distributed REVA electric cars in Benelux


With a nominal range of 80 km and a top speed of 80 km/h, the REVA electric car is ideal for the city. Thanks to its ultra-small size and exceptional turning radius, it handles smoothly through congested traffic and parks virtually anywhere.
It is very silent and produces zero tailpipe emission, thereby contributing to a quieter unpolluted urban environment.

Commercialized since 2001, it is currently the best-selling electric car in the world. Two models are now available:  REVAi and REVA L-ion.

Download the REVA leaflet.

REVAi: commuting for less money!


Low maintenance and ultra-low running cost:

  • Electric consumption: around 1 € per 100 km
  • Registration tax: 63 €
  • Annual tax: 0 €

More information in French...

  REVA L-ion

NEW: REVA L-ion, the technology leader!


It is the first commercial passenger car to be equipped with Lithium-ion batteries designed for automotive applications.
It offers an extended range (120 km nominal) with enhanced performances and faster accelerations. More information in French...

REVA L-ion

For more info on REVA electric cars, visit www.reva-car.be.  

General information


The REVA is produced in India by the REVA Electric Car Company (RECC). More...
It was launched in May 2001, after seven years of R&D. With its lightweight tubular steel frame and dent-proof ABS body panels, it hailed as the most innovative and high technology product of the year. Over 1000 parts were designed in-house.

The REVA was first commercialized in India. In 2003, it started selling in London under the name G-Wiz, where it encountered a tremendous success. It is now available in over 20 countries across the world.

With 50 million km driven without a serious injury accident, the REVA has an outstanding safety record.
A large crush zone in the front of the car protects passengers against impact. The battery pack is position to keep the center of gravity low. Dual-hydraulic & regenerative braking are added for additional safety.

The REVA has an onboard charger and can be charged into any 16 Amp socket at home or at work.
An intelligent ‘low battery’ warning light and fuel gauge allows easy estimation of driving range and ensures that the driver is not stranded. The design of the car can be customized by choosing from 2000 shades, which can be combined for parts such as bumpers, roof and rear view mirrors.

The REVA requires extremely low maintenance because of the minimum number of moving parts and an on-board diagnostic tool that stores three years data and enables prompt service. This enhances efficiency, performance and reliability. Two on-board computers are provided for Energy Management and Data Acquisition and extend range by 15 % and battery life by 25%.

Without clutch or gear, the REVA is easy to drive and most ideal for “stop-start” traffic conditions.
Its ultra-small turning radius makes it easy to maneuver and park. With all the benefits inherent to electric cars, it is indeed a revelation in city traffic.

For more info on REVA electric cars, visit www.reva-car.be.

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