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  Jacques de Selliers

 Managing Director

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Jacques de Selliers
Former Managing Director of GREEN MOBIL NV

Former Managing Director of
Going-Electric, Association for Electric Vehicles in Europe

Jacques graduated in electrical engineering at the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1979. He first worked in the private sector, four years on oil rigs in Africa and 15 years as a R&D engineer in USA and Belgium. He then occupied technical management positions where he felt the need for reliable and accessible scientific information on environment and health topics.

  Jacques de Selliers

Therefore in 2001, he founded GreenFacts asbl, an independent non-profit organisation which faithfully popularises leading scientific reports on environment and health topics at www.greenfacts.org, and managed the organization for six years.

In May 2008, Jacques founded Going-Electric, Association for Electric Vehicles in Europe, with the aim of being the voice of all Electric Vehicles stakeholders towards a European legislative framework enabling a European leadership in Electric Vehicles production and commercialisation.

When he discovered REVA cars, it was love at first bite!  So in June 2008, he joined Arnaud de Viron as a partner in GREEN MOBIL to import and distribute the REVA cars in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Jacques de Selliers is also the Founder, Curator and Managing Director of the Clockarium Museum in Brussels.

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